Jetson nano automatically enters recovery mode after booting

jetson nano will automatically enter recovery mode, and there is no serial console boot log, nor can you enter the system to view the log. How to solve it?

What have you done with the devkit?
Please check below post to see if can help: Jetson nano 4gb can't find keyboard and mouse - #5 by WayneWWW.

I did not do anything. I want to update the jetpake version, but I can’t recognize the device after connecting the data cable, so I want to change the data cable, but when I power on the Jetson nano again, I find that it cannot be turned on. I found that the dev kit went into recovery mode.

I found that the Development Suite entered recovery mode.

How do you know your board is in recovery mode?

I connect to the host side via the jetson devkit’s micro usb,Viewed through lsusb ID: 0955:7f21 nvidia Corp.

Then you can flash the board without doing anything in this situation?


So I’m confused

Recovery mode is totally hardware event. If you cannot leave it, it means the hardware has problem.

But after I flashed the system, I found that it was normal again.

And then how did you trigger recovery mode again?

After I flashed the system yesterday, I haven’t triggered recovery mode again so far.

Then please update the post after you are sure about the method to reproduce this error.


Btw, a fully running Nano and a recovery mode Nano will both show up with lsusb. The difference is that the recovery mode device can be flashed, whereas the fully running system is presenting a virtual ethernet device and mass storage device (both show up with lsusb, but the host PC side “dmesg” will present differently depending on which mode).

I know this

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