How to know if my jetson is in recovery mode

I’m about to flash my nano jetson. Doing so i first need to put it in recovery mode, i do know how to do that. But how do i know that i do it correctly? i mean, do i get to see some light or any sign when the jetson is in recovery mode?

Recovery mode itself does not change the Jetson except by making it run as a custom USB device. The recovery pin is shorted to ground, and then power is added or cycled, followed by letting go of the recovery pin short to ground (think of it being like holding the shift key down momentarily to get a capital letter on the keyboard, only recovery mode is the capital letter case…there is no need for the recovery pin to be shorted once the power has been turned on or cycled).

One of the easiest ways to know is if on your host PC you monitor logs with “dmesg --follow”. Then connect the micro-B USB cable, and see what the logs show. The command “lsusb -d '0955:'” will show you all NVIDIA USB devices, and if there is none prior to plugging in the micro-B USB cable, then there should be one showing after that. A specific brand of NVIDIA USB device can be narrowed down on, e.g., the Nano should show as the specific product ‘7020’:
lsusb -d '0955:7020'
(there are some variations for different specific Jetson models, but the ‘0955’ remains constant)

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