How to restart / reset Jetson nano


I would like to restart / reset the jetson nano. I found how to do that here :

Where you can read :

[Option 2: Use the 12-pin header]

for J50 Carrier Board Rev B01 only: 12-pin button header; 
bring out system power, reset, UART console, and force 
recovery related signals.

So,If I have understood well,I should cover the jumpers 11 and 12 (in my board it is called GND / PWR BTN) ; jumper 7 and 8 (it is called GND / SYS RST) ; jumper 3 and 4 ? (UART RXD and UART TXD) ;

is this correct ?

For Jetson Nano 4GB Developer Kit:

1)Ensure that your Jetson Nano developer kit is powered off.

2)Insert a 16 GB or larger microSD card into the module’s microSD card slot.

3)To ensure that the developer kit starts in Force Recovery Mode, place a jumper across the FRC pins of the button header on the carrier board.

•For carrier board revision A02, these are pins 3 and 4 of J40, which is located near the camera header.

•For carrier board revision B01, these are pins 9 and 10 of J50, which is located on the edge of the carrier board under the Jetson module.

4)Place a jumper across J48 to enable use of a DC power adapter.

5)Connect a DC power adapter to J25. The developer kit powers on automatically and enters Force Recovery Mode.

6)Remove the jumper from the FRC pins of the button header.

7)Continue the software installation

You seem to have forgotten an intermediate point (5.1 on your list),where I should connect the mini usb cable from the board to the PC. Anyway I repeated another time all the steps. The board is not detected by ubuntu 18.04. On the terminal window where I ran : “dmesg --follow” nothing happens and the output of the command “lsusb | grep -i nvidia” is empty. The last chance I think is to try to reset the settings to the factory default,if It can be done. Is the method explained by me the correct one ? thanks.

The method you’re looking for is putting Jetson into Recovery mode.
As you seem not considering my advice, I will humbly shut up and let anyone else better help.

Why I seem to don’t consider your advice ? I have repeated again the steps that you have suggested. What do you mean ? Shouldn’t I connect the usb cable ? Try to reload the page,maybe you have read my old message. I have modified it.

I didn’t connect the USB cable. The developer kit didn’t enter in Force Recovery Mode. The instructions on the nvidia website are wrong. If I don’t connect the USB cable,how can the board be detected by the SDK manager ? And how the data can be transferred from the nvidia repos to the board ?

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Well, A02 does not seem to do anything, with the FC 3-4 pins jumpered. otherwise my jetson nano devkit does not start, 32gb of latest jetpack does not boot.

edit: seems there are two FRC pins on the board, other does not have a hat pin, its only a hole.

Just to be sure, are you using pin header J40 as shown here ? (note that this article doesn’t emulate force recovery button, but you would do the same for shortening pins 3 and 4 from that J40 header).

Place a short with a jumper or with wires, then power on, and unshort after a few seconds, then from host connected by a USB cable to A02 microusb port, you should see the jetson in recovery mode as a USB device (NVIDIA Corp.) with command lsusb.

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