Jetson Nano nvidia SDK manager configuration

Just set up the Jetson Nano developer kit and would like to configure the SDK manager on my linux laptop. The login is success but I can not proceed beyond the “STEP 1”

Put the device into force recovery mode so it can be detected:

Thanks for a quick reply!
I actually had no issues creating an sd card image and using it to start the Jetson Nano. So no immediate plans to flash the device.
I am mostly interested in adding the tool chain to be able to compile for ARM8 CPU and the GPU on my laptop and transfer the output to Jetson nano.
it does appear to have 4 gigs of ram and I use a 64 gig micro sd card.
in all documentation and guides it doea not state that I actually need to connect to the dev kit to install and configure Nvidia SDK manager.

What do you mean with configure?

Actually if you want to do some stuff like compiling the kernel yourself, you should use flashing scripts in our BSP to flash the image, but not SDK Manager.

In the included image in the original post, I am not able to pass the STEP 1 to configure and download the rest of the available features. It does not appear that I am required to connect the the Jetson Nano.

If you want to download the BSP with SDK Manager, then you are required to connect the device, and also put it in force recovery mode.
Or it’s also available at:

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