Some Jetson Web Links

I’m hoping this can be set as a sticky thread. Here are some links for people searching. Anyone with a useful link or in need of a link perhaps could ask here.

NOTE: Some of the links below require logging in. Download URLs for L4T require login to correctly see everything.

Devtalk site map:

L4T version listings:

Most Recent JetPack:

JetPack version listings:

Instructions 1 (Download/Run):
Instructions 2 (Install Software to Jetson):

L4T Bug Email:

General Debugging Information for Jetsons:


RMA Procedure:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to
  3. Select “Live Chat” from the options near the top of the page.
  4. Enter your personal information.
  5. Select the appropriate product from the drop-down list (“Tegra” in this case).
  6. Submit the request.
  7. If the Service agent is unable to resolve the technical issue, an RMA (Return Material Authorization) will be initiated.

More support information here:

Jetson Ecosystem (NVIDIA Partners with Carrier Boards and Accessories):

Thread on Flashing Issues and How To Resolve:

Jetson Display/HDMI Issue Debugging (some of this applies to all Jetson models):

General Embedded Developer Download Page (requires free login):

Booting from External Devices:

Product Life Cycle Notes:

About Using a VM for Flashing;

The 64-bit ARMv8A Jetson TX2 (Successor to TX1):

The 64-bit ARMv8A Jetson TX1:
…Jetson TX1 Article at AnandTech:

Xavier on

Jetson Nano Resources:

Jetson Nano Power Supply Notes:

Jetson Nano Forum:

Some Nice Jetson Nano Tips:

R32.2.1 downloads (used with Jetson Xavier, TX2, TX1, and Nano):

R32.1 downloads (used with Jetson Xavier, TX2, and Nano):

R31.1 downloads (used with Jetson Xavier):

R28.2.1 downloads (used with Jetson TX2/TX2i):

R28.2 downloads (used with Jetson TX1 and TX2/TX2i):

R28.1 downloads (used with Jetson TX1 and TX2):

R24.2.2 downloads (used with Jetson TX1):

R24.2.1 downloads (used with Jetson TX1):

Some Vulkan API Information and Announcements (announced with Jetson TX1 L4T R24.1 Beta Release):

R21.7 downloads (used with Jetson TK1):

R21.6 downloads (used with Jetson TK1):

R21.5 downloads (used with Jetson TK1):

TX2 Device Tree Notes:

Some Notes on Working With a Device Tree:

NSIGHT Eclipse IDE/Debugging

How to Build a Serial Console Cable for Jetson TX1:

Serial Console for Jetson TX2 (equivalent to TX1 without CTS/RTS flow control):

Serial Console for Jetson Nano:

Serial Console for AGX Orin:

D3 Engineering TX2 Products:

Jetson Robotics Breakout Board:

Jetson TK1 I/O Breakout Board (“EasyIO” Shield):

ConnectTech’s “Mimic” Carrier for Xavier:

ConnectTech’s “Rogue” Carrier for Xavier:

TX1-Based “Rudi” Mobile System:

Connect Tech Small Form Tegra X1 Carrier Board:

Toradex Apalis TK1 Module in DIMM Format:

GPIO “Jetduino” Add-On Card and Thread

The Audvia Carrier Board

The PIXEVIA Carrier Board (TX1/TX2):

Aerialtronics Jetson-Based Dual-Spectrum Camera:

CSI/DSI Design Guide:

Other Linux Distributions on Jetson:

General Jetson Development Software Links:

Some nVidia Tutorials:

Ultra-HD High Performance Tips from e-con Systems:

Autonomous Vehicle Video from e-con Systems:

R24.1 downloads (used with Jetson TX1):

R23.2 downloads (used with Jetson TX1):

R23.1 downloads (used with Jetson TX1):

R21.4 downloads (JTK1):

R21.3 downloads (JTK1):

R21.2 downloads (JTK1):

R19.3 downloads (JTK1):

Lauterbach JTAG Debugger (Tegra K1 Compatible Debugger):
…Debugger Script File (go here and search for “jetson”):
… Lauterbach JTAG Info:
…Files for Debugger Demo:

Cameras on Jetson

YUV Camera Information

Network Adapters and WiFi Information

OpenCV4Tegra Packaging Issue Workaround

nVidia’s GIT repository:

JetPack (Installer Front End for Flash and Extra Packages):

Additional Jetson Documention:

Some Jetson Tips:

ARM Cortex A-series CPUs
…for Jetson TK1, see Cortex-A series, then A15 MPCore, Rev. 3 (ARMv7)…
…for Jetson TX1, see Cortex-A series, then Cortex A-57 (ARMv8-A)…

Linaro Cross-Compile Tool Chain (a suitable Jetson chain):
…Latest Releases (gnueabihf for TK1, aarch64-linux-gnu for TX1):
…related requirements for linaro source compiles (devel versions required):

Some information:
…hardware topics:
…performance settings (Jetson TK1):
…performance settings (Jetson TX1):
…About Jetson Power Use:
…clone your Jetson partitions!
…BusyBox custom rootfs creation:
…General GPIO Information:
…GPIO Tutorial:
…Porting OpenSUSE to Jetson:

Clone for Jetson TX1

Clone for Jetson TX2

TK1 Design Guide:

Jetson Hacks (listed below but consolidating here):

Jetson Hacks, i2c Demo By @kangalow Using LEDs

Need a driver/module built? Jetson Hacks on this topic:

Jetson blog (listed below but consolidating here):

Official Jetson Wiki (listed below but consolidating here):

Jetson Home Page (listed below but consolidating here):

Hackster Community Jetson Information

Purchase a Jetson TK1 or TX1:

Purchase a Jetson Pro (Automotive Variant):

JavaFX Development Note:

Tegra X1 Technical Reference Manual Page (“TRM”):

Tegra K1 Technical Reference Manual Page (“TRM”):

VisionWorks Home Page:
…VisionWorks Home Page:
…VisionWorks Tutorials:

Embedded Documentation Downloads:

CUDA Zero Copy Information Article

OpenCV (see also the L4T download pages for OpenCV4Tegra):

The R19.3 Multimedia User Guide:

OpenCV4Tegra versus Compiled:

Tegra Sales Inquiries:

About the “Jedroid” Flavor of Android on Jetson:

Additional Android on Jetson Info:

RELATED: Tegra X1 White Paper:

ASUS Xion Pro and OpenNI2 Install Information:
ROS QtCreator Guide:

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Administrator’s Guide:

Kinect 2 Info: libfreenect2

A Good Exploration of SPI Setup and Use:–Part-1-Why-is-SPI-important.aspx



RELATED PRODUCT: CSI2 Camera with JTX1 Adapter/Mezannine:

RELATED PRODUCT: ExaGear for x86 Virtualization on ARM

RELATED PROJECT ( An Autonomous Jetson-Based Robotic Rover

Some Leopard Imaging Product Information:

nvflash error codes:

Jetson Schematic:

Jetson Assembly Drawing:

Some Xorg ABI Tables (if you port, then you need this):
See this on the standard L4T install and compare to the ABI you are attempting to use:

grep "X.Org Video Driver:" /var/log/Xorg.0.log

Some Grinch R21.x Links:

Profiler Demo Video

Devtalk Site Map:


Thanks Linuxdev. I also want to say that the official Jetson Portal is now live! This is now the official homepage for Jetson TK1 and future Jetson embedded boards:

Official Jetson homepage:

[s]Great idea linuxdev :) Temporary mirror link:[/s]

Sorry everyone that the link to the old R19.3 sample rootfs was down, it turned out to be a web cache problem mixed with an internal server change, but it is finally resolved, you can now access the R19.3 sample root filesystem again from the “” page again.

Hi All,

I am new to the Jetson world. Please pardon me if I make any wrong assumptions.

I need help with a few issues. I stumbled upon this thread while looking for answers.

I’ve been reading mixed results about flashing the Jetson using a virtual machine to load the new Linux For Tegra R21.4. I’ve tried two-three times, but my lsusb does not recognize the Jetson. Is this because I am using a Virtual Machine? (Ubuntu 14.04 on Windows 8 host using VirtualBox).

Also, when the installation reached a point to put the Jetson into Force Recovery Mode it states to do the following:
1. power down the jetson, remove the ac adapter.
2. connect the jetson to the host pc using the USB (Ubuntu 14.04 guest on Win 8 host using VirtualBox in my case)
3. Connect the power adapter to the device.
4. Press and release the power button, if necessary; press and hold the Force Recovery button; while depressing the Force Recovery button, press and release the Reset button; wait two seconds and release the Force Recovery Key

My question regarding the above process is won’t carrying out step 3 turn on the Jetson?

Thank you in advance for all your help.

This is the wrong thread, I see the question duplicated in a better thread where answers should go.

‘question’ 1. Flashing works fine through a virtual machine, the only ‘extra’ step is to enable the USB device pass through thing.

Yes, its for ubuntu host, but the interface is nearly the same.
Basically, its just the thing on the bottom right hand side of virtual box part. After that, it should appear using ‘lsusb’ on the virtual machine.

question 2. getting it into recovery mode.
Those are some pretty detailed steps.
heres what i do.
Plug it in, and let it power for a couple seconds.
Hold force recovery, and then press reset.
continue holding force recovery for a couple sec and then release.

should appear through ‘lsusb’ after you have enabled the usb pass through on Virtual box, and you should be all set.

Hi Turpinator,

I can detect other USB devices like my memory stick and others.
It is only the Jetson that goes undetected.

Also, regarding your instructions for question 2. When you say ‘plug it in’, I assume you mean plug in the ac adapter. Please correct me if I am wrong.


Jetson not showing up on USB implies either the Jetson is not using the correct supplied micro-B cable, or else Jetson is not in recovery mode.

I flash my Jetson using VMware VM with no problem. As linuxdev told, VM can “see” device only when it is in recovery mode. After that, you need to connect it to VM using menu “VM->removable devices->Nvidia xxxx”.

RELATED PRODUCT: MIPI CSI2 Camera Developed on Jetson:

Thanks, added to the main list.

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I would have to hire a graphic designer virtual assistant to guide me with this. It seems a little complicated for a newbie like me.

This is probably the wrong thread to reply to for hiring. Preferably you could start a new thread, or perhaps add something here:

RELATED PRODUCT: MIPI CSI2 Camera Developed on Jetson:

RELATED PRODUCT: MIPI CSI2 Camera Developed on Jetson TX2:

Related product: MIPI CSI2 Camera Developed on Jetson:

new product: e-CAM20_CUTX2 – 2MP HDR Jetson TX2/TX1 Camera Board