Nano - Datasheet and PCB design files

We would like to fly the nano on a autonomous drone,

We have the schematic for the tx1/tx2 but was wondering when the data sheet “book” for the Nano will become available so we can map the 260 pins. plus know the correct so-dimm connector to order.

Also would be nice to know if and when the design files for the nano daughter card will become available to the public?

Since general release of the Nano is scheduled for June, kind of figured the documentation should also be available to build systems with the Nano module.

Thanks in advance for the support and for creating the Nano,

Hi gmaxwell94,

We’ll be releasing the hardware docs and design guides for the Jetson Nano module closer to the release of the production module in June, along with the schematics and design files for the reference carrier board for the devkit. Please stay tuned.


Hello! Is there any new in relation? When is planned to release hardware docs and design guides?

Thanks in advance :)

Hi jorgehsmp, we are planning to release the HW docs and reference design files later this month. Thanks for your continued patience!

Hi jorgehsmp,

We have begun releasing the hardware design docs for Jetson Nano. You can download them from the Jetson Downloads Center.

See below announcement:


Ok, it’s now the end of June 2019 and I have multiple developers sitting around doing nothing based on no schematics being released for this carrier board.

This design is not very stable. I’ve purchased five Nano Development Kits and each board exhibits completely different behavior during initial power on operations. These Wurth standoffs on the heatsink will not survive any type of serious vibration. Female/female standoffs with low quality screws. And what’s up with this heatsink anyway? Graphene is your friend.

The Jetson Nano Carrier Board Reference Design Files were published several days ago. You can go to the Jetsons Download Center: to download them.

Thanks, we’ve been looking everywhere for this.

I have download the jetson nano carrier board files,the schematic can open ORCAD.but which is the PCB files and usd what can open the files?

Hi Hu, see this link:

I have download the jetson nano carrier board files,the schematic can open ORCAD.but which is the PCB files and usd what can open the files?

Hi Hu, the files are provided in OrCAD and Allegro formats.

Your Allegro is what version?

Do you restore the Allegro file to 16.6 version.
The download file you refer to is only schematic without PCB file



Are there PCB design files available? I am in the process of a custom carrier board for the Jetson Nano. I have the footprint for the SO DIMM connector, but I cannot find a layout or guideline for the exact location of the necessary mounting holes.

There have document include mounting hole info help design carrier and thermal.

Hi there,

We are creating a custom NANO design , with LORAWAN connectivity, I need the PCB files to make changes, can you please let me know when will be the Gerber files available?

Hi bgarberman, the updated design files have been posted, including the layout - download them from here:

Hi @dusty_nv - Do you have the schematics and pcb component layout files for the Jetson Nano 2GB dev board?