Jetson NANO module

Where can we find more details on the Jetson Nano module?


  • Information on how to interface using the sodim connector on a custom board
  • Pin information of the edge connector
  • the heat generation of the Nano module


Hi TritonAcc, the design docs and electromechanical specifications for the Nano module will be posted later in June, closer in time to the release of the production module. The design files and schematics for the reference carrier board from the Nano devkit will also be made available at that time.

Thanks for your response, is there any way to get at least a pin out diagram so our engineers can get started with the development?

The official pin-out will be included with the other documents to be released with the production module, so it isn’t recommended to start development until that is finalized.

To get a preliminary look, you could reference this beta design from AntMicro on GitHub, however be warned that there have been pin-out changes with the production version of the module, so it’s not recommended to invest much design time and engineering effort into it until the official release:

Thanks Dusty, this already helps a lot.

You referenced that there have already been changes, could you let me know which changes have been made?

Unfortunately we have a very tight DL and forced into concurrent development, or we would need to switch to a different board. I understand that more changes may occur, but at least we would like to know the ‘latest-greatest’.

I’m in a similar situation a TritonAcc. I’ve already looked at the AntMicro board, and while it’s helpful, a lot of important information cannot be deduced from it (Like PCIe and USBSS muxing).

But, am I understanding your statement correctly regarding pin-changes? Does this mean that the production version modules will not work in the regular nVidia carrier-boards?

The production module will not work in the revision of the devkit released prior to the production module. When the production module is made available, a new revision of the devkit will also come out that supports it.

Hi Dusty,could you give the exact time when such design docs should be released,thanks a lot.