Pinouts for NANO production module


I am designing a carrier board based on the Jetson NANO. I understand that there are 2 variants of the NANO viz - development module and production module. I want to know the following -

  1. Are the pinouts for both the same ?
  2. The repository has an excel sheet “Jetson Nano Module Pinmux Config Template”. Is it the dev or production module pinouts ?

Can you please share the link to the repository for the NANO based support documents ?


Hi, 1) pinout is different; 2) Current docs of nano in DLC are only for production module, customer should follow them to do custom design.

Thanks. I want to procure the NANO production module. Is the module sold via Arrow the production one ? Link -

Also, i got a schematic of a carrier board which was designed using OrCAD. Is that for the production model or dev model ?I understand that there is no carrier board for the production module so how can I test it ? Should I always go get one made by Auvidea or Leopard ? How can I reduce the risk if I am to make my own board ?

For all docs of production module, please refer to DLC :, customer is supposed to make own design based on the docs.