Pin out for the 255 pin in the nano module.

Hi Nano Team,

Is there any possibility that you can share the 255 pin out for the nano module ? or share the schematic for the nano carrier board. I am interested in developing a custom FPGA + Nano based reatime video encode and decode using the nano module. Any help wold be appreciated.


Hi Ash, we’ll be providing the pin-out and design documentation closer to the date of the release of the production Nano module later in June. We are finishing up any final changes that may need to be made beforehand. Please stay tuned.

Hi Dusty_nv,
I am working on a similar project and i was wondering when this information is going to made available? There is not much information available for developing with this module!

Hi Dusty_nv,

Any updates for the 255 pin out for the nano module?

Please check nano docs in DLC, you can get the answer there.