Hardware Migration from Jetson Nano to Xavier NX


We are currently designing a carrier board for Jetson Nano. I wonder if the carrier board designed according to jetson nano guides will be able to support Jetson Xavier NX module as well. We want our carrier board to support both Nano and Xavier Nx.

I couldnt find any migration guide from nano to xavier or comparison of modules in terms of carrier board hardware design which explains the hardware differences and the precautions to support both modules.

Does it mean that the board designed purely for nano module will support Xavier nx module without any problems or modifications?

Thanks in advance…

Hi, yes, they are pin compatible, please refer to this topic: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1066734/jetson-xavier-nx/xavier-nx-board-with-nano-developer-kit-board/


Thanks a lot for the answer

I didnt quite understand the post you referred. Do i need to apply the changes between new nano devkit and old nano devkit to my newly designed custom carrier board? If so what are those cahnges? Is there a document for this purpose?

isnt it enough to design the jetson nano custom carrier board according to the jetson nano guidelines in order to support xavier nx?

Yes, the current design files of Nano in DLC are for production module and can also be used for Xavier NX.