NX power up design


Here are two power up design questions.
Thank you for any advice.

The original official said that Jetson Xavier NX is compatible with Jetson Nano pin to pin.

However, last week I got a new Jetson Xavier NX Carrier Board Design Files A01 and found that the power up design is slightly different

  1. Is Jetson Nano available with Jetson Xavier NX new design, are there any potential risks?
  2. Can Jetson Xavier NX continue to use Jetson Nano design?

Attached NX_new and Nano_b01.

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The NX module can work on carrier board of nano and vice versa. Only need to pay attention to the interface difference as said in the doc: https://developer.nvidia.com/jetson-xavier-nx-and-jetson-nano-interface-comparison-migration-application-note-v10