HDMI Port for Custom Jetson Carrier Board

for my drone I want to develop a custom Jetson carrier board with minimal required interfaces. For quick debugging I would like to add an HDMI port on the PCB. However, I’m not familiar with HDMI and I found some contradictions between guides.
In most guides it’s written the impedance of the trace should be 100 Ohm. I found some pretty easy schematics examples grafik

However in the Jetson Nano design guide there more required elements as these capacitors and Rs resistors, which I do not completely understand the purpose…

At the end there is this figure, which tell us to have 500 Ohm impedance traces where all segments should be 100 Ohm :/

I can blindly reproduce the carrier board but I would like to understand better what I’m going to do.

Thx in advance!

These designs are to meet HDMI test requirements with nano module. The notes of them have been listed in doc. Customer only need to follow that.