My 1st Jetson Nano design

Hello everyone.

This is my 1st Jetson Nano board, and although I checked it a lot against the Design Guide and the development board schematics, I’d like to make sure I’m not doing anything wrong before making my 1st board, specially on the HDMI part. So if any of you could, can you take a quick look just to see if you spot anything wrong?

Follows my design:

I didn’t use the TVS suppression diodes on USB and HDMI. But I live in a country where electrostatic discharges are not common. In fact, I never felt a discharge in my life. But if you think it’s still necessary, I’ll add them.

Thank you very much,

Hi, in general we don’t provide sch/pcb review support for JEP customer, as we have provided Product Design Guide and reference schematic of devkit carrier board. Please follow that to make design. Also there is checklist sheet in DG which can give customer guideline with many items one by one.

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