Please check pin map in jetson nano for our carrier board

I made carrier board based using dev kit jetson nano module but isn’t working HDMI.

DP1_HPD is 96 pin in Jetson Nano Product Design Guid.pdf but it is 92 pin in Jetson-Nano-Basboard-Schematic.

96 pin isn’t change level when HDMI cable plug-in.

Please check more pin map:

We made CSI-0/CSI-1 and CSI-2/CSI-3 for 4lane CSI-2 as jetson Nano Product Design Guid.pdf. Is it working?

The GBE_MDIO pin number is different in the Jetson Nano Product Design Guide.pdf and Jetson-Nano Baseboard-Schematic.pdf.

to refer schematic :

Hi, i think your reference files have problem. Please refer to the latest Guide and SCH in DLC:

Thank for your answer!!

Please i need more detailed description about DP1_HPD pin and camera interface or parts layout of Jetson Nano Dev Kit

Can you confirm DP1_HPD pin number?

DP1_HPD is 96 pin, it is correct , you can download the NANo datasheet and Design guide for pin description and layout guide.

Thank rita_wangning!!

I made CSI_0/CSI_1 and CSI_2/CSI_3 for 4 lane 2 channel camera interface.
I am finding that is “If CSI 0/1 and CSI 4 are used for 4-lane interfaces each, CSI 2 and CSI 2 can be used for two 1 or 2-lane interfaces.” in page 33 of jetson Nano Product Design Guide

Is it possible CSI_2/CSI_3 to use 4 lane camera interface?

it is possible, please see the page 34 (figure 19) in jetson Nano Product Design Guide .
the Jetson Nano bring 12 MIPI CSI Lanes to connector, three quad-lane camera streams are supported. (page 32 in jetson Nano Product Design Guide)

We know that jetson nano dev kit and jetson nano module is different.