CSI camera port from Jetson nano module

Hello ,

I am designing an I/O board for Jetson nano module and currently looking in to CSI camera port schematic.Referenced from the product design guide .

I have connected 15 pin connector in following way, on left side it is the 260 pin connector and in right side it is 15 pin CSI connector

Basically referred from raspberry pi schematic but in raspi schematic pin 11 and 12 are connected to cam_GPIO(0 and 1)
my question is there any corresponding pin for that in jetson nano, have I connect the dual lane CSI connector in right way ? please help.


This looks like a Jetson issue, moving it into Jetson Nano forum for resolution:
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It depends on the camera you chose. There are PWDN and MCLK pins unconnected which need you to check with vendor or datasheet of camera.

The 11 and 12 pins of the Raspberry Pi camera are recommended to be different from the pin definitions of the Nano module

Please check with vendor about that. Not sure about why your camera has no PWDN and MCLK signals.