6 Camera interface with Jetson Nano Custom Carrier Board

Hello All,
I am new to the jetson environment
I am trying to design a custom carrier board for Jetson Nano in which I am trying to interface 6 camera using the CSI interface

I have referred the camera design Document
filename “NVIDIA Jetson Nano and Jetson Xavier NX Camera Design Guide
in the guide it mentions
The Jetson Nano module supports 12 CSI lanes
My question is Can I use 12 CSI lane in 6x2Lanes interface
Also, can you help me list all the CAM_PWDN and CAM_MCLK pin on the jetson nano? Because I am uncertain if any GPIO can be used as CAM_PWDN or are these pin define

Please refer to the nano OEM product design guide doc in DLC, that is for custom design.

Hello Trumany
Thanks for the reply
I still cannot find all the CAM_PWDN and CAM_MCLK pin
can you point in direction as if which GPIO can be used as CAM_PWDN and CAM_MCLK

Did you search “PWDN” and “MCLK” in OEM DG? They are there in doc.