Change csi in jetson nano

hi everybody;
Can I change the csi in jetson nano devkit?
I have the nano devkit that have 2csi camera input, the each camera input is 2 lane, the CSI of this board is csi_a and csi_c. I want to change the csi of this board to csi_c and csi_d.
Is that possible?

hello isabehnia,

there’s no software approaches for you to change it for using developer kit.

hello JerryChang
cant change by pinmux config?

please see-also Jetson Nano Carrier Board Reference Design Files for hardware schematic.

hello JerryChang
We can use pinmux for change the csi?

hello royayeazadi,

may I know what’s the actual use-case?
even though you toggle the CSI0 settings, there’s no CSI brick options in [Customer Usage] for changing the pin usage.

Thanks for your reply;
I want to use (CSI0 and CSI1) or (CSI2 and CSI3) for 4 lanes video, but this board have 2 x 2lane csi (CSI0, CSI2). how to resolve this problem?

hello royayeazadi,

please works with customize carrier board, it cannot be done with developer kits.


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