Jetson nano - six cameras


We are currently in the process of developing a custom carrier board for nvidia jetson nano, and had a question regarding the mipi-csi interface of the board.

The board outputs 6 CSI connectors numbered 0 to 5 inclusive.
We have problems with channels:

1: (pins 3,5,15,17). In some documentations it has a clk interface at pins 9 and 11, and on some they are marked as RESERVED.

5: (pins 40,42,64,64). This CSI interface has no clock output.

So the question is as follows. Is there a way to get six cameras up and running, at the same time? Is is possible to use pins 9 and 11 to at least get 5 cameras working? Is it allowed to feed camera from 5-th port with CSI0_CLK? Is it ok to connect all camera CLK pins directly do CSI0_CLK?

Kind regards, and thanks for the help!

Hi, please refer to CSI part in OEM DG which already said only up to four active streams supported directly. The current docs in DLC are for production module, customer should follow that. There are early modules (A02) are not compatible to production module design.