Jetson Nano Camera Design

I recently purchased a carrier board from Aetina.

I need to connect my 15 pin CSI camera to 36 pin CSI port in the carrier board.
(Although the board does have a 15 pin port, I’m using two cameras. Therefore, I need to figure out how to connect 15 pin camera to 36 pin port)

On page 9 of the datasheet, it provides a pin map diagram of the 36 pin port.

For the camera, I checked this datasheet.

I come up with this diagram, but couldn’t figure out to which port connect POWER_EN.

According to Nvidia’s camera design,PWDN means Camera Power-Down GPIO.

So, should I connect it to 5V? or ground?

Any help will be appreciated!

It looks like so, but you might need to check with Aetina, also should note the signal polarity.

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