Jetson Nano 2G Throttle Power Warning

I have a Jetson Nano 2G developer kit, from NVIDIA. It has a freshly flashed SD card, with Jetpack 4.6.1.

If I connect a CSI camera as indicated by the NVIDIA guide for the board, the connection diagram would indicate the blue strip on the camera ribbon should face outward. In doing this, the Jetson does not find the camera. When I inspect the CSI connector, my eyes tell me the blue strip should point inward, towards the heat sink. When I connect the camera module this way, and boot, immediately the Jetson goes into Throttle Power mode, and shuts then shuts down. I am using a 15 Watt type C power supply.

The developer kit is not 3rd party, it was shipped to me by NVIDIA. I am confused and would appreciate any guidance. I have attached a picture of my CSI connector on the board.

Hi, can you tell how you get this devkit? And please share the p/n of carrier board which should be like 180-1xxxx-xxxx-xxx printed on bottom side of PCB.

It was sent to me by NVIDIA for review when the product was released. Here is a picture of the bottom of the board

It looks like the number is:
Thank you.
Paul McWhorter

It seems that the camera connector is mounted reversed. The correct orientation should be like below showing. You can check with supplier about that and request RMA if possible.

NVIDIA was the supplier. As I mentioned, NVIDIA sent me the board for me to do a review. So, I guess there is no path forward.

Did not meet such situation before. Can you check with the window of NV who sent the board to you for that? Or maybe you can run RMA for it.

OK, I guess maybe it was a pre-production or early prototype version. You have confirmed the CSI connector is backwards, so I guess no need to pursue further as there is no fix for that. Thank you for trying to help

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