CSI camera connector broke

Just opened my new Jetson Nano DevKit.
While trying to attach a Raspberry Pi camera ribbon cable into the CSI connector (at J13) it appears that I broke the moving part of the connector on one side.
Have not even powered the system up and it looks like I might not be able to use a camera here.
What are my options?

Hi rpellowski,

Please see this thread for the part:


Perhaps you could replace the locking tab on it from a new part. Otherwise you could RMA it if you want.


Is it possible to just replace the tab, or does it need board work to replace the entire part?

Don’t want to do the latter.

If it’s just the “locking” bit of the connector, and you still have the “flat” piece that actually gets pushed against the flat cable to keep it in place, then installing the cable, pushing the flat plastic against it manually, and hitting it with a drop of hot glue seems to work pretty well. I haven’t done it on the Nano, but I’ve done it on two different Raspberry Pi boards in the past.

Obviously that’s not a mechanism to rely on for production assemblies, but for me it’s worked, even with a robot that moves around pretty rough terrain.

I made that part for 3d printing. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4462502