Nano MIPI slot broken


After frequent plugging and unplugging camera, the plastic “cover” for MIPI slot on Nano’s carrier board has broken. The slot itself is still functional. But without the “cover”, the flat ribbon cable of the camera cannot stay connected. I am wondering if there is an easy replacement of the “cover”?

Thank you very much!

Hi Adrian, please see this thread for the part:

Perhaps you could replace the locking tab on it from a new part. Otherwise you could RMA it if you want.

Ok, placed order. I will update whether it works after receiving it.

Got it! Fits perfectly!

Could you please help me, I just broke it will uninstalling raspberry pi camera, what could I do

HI marwan.a.k.1997,

Please help to open a new topic for your issue. Thanks

Mine also broke after disconnecting a camera. Is there a US distributor of this part?

Edit: I found the same part number at Digi-Key:

Or going to instead of!

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