CSI-2 Lane mapping

We are trying to use a third party dev board so that we can test four lane MIPI. On the dev board (which uses the A02 pinout), the pins are labeled CSI A-F. In the design guide, they’re labeled CSI 0-4. Can you confirm the mapping of these? We are specifically trying to connect to CSI C/D, and it looks like those are probably CSI_4.

We are having difficulty getting the camera up and running and I’m trying to rule out the simple stuff.

hello rrecktenwald,

you might access Jetson Nano Product Design Guide via Jetson Download Center.
please check [MIPI CSI (VIDEO INPUT)] chapter for detail pin descriptions and also camera connection examples.

Ah, I didn’t realize that the Tegra pins were applicable. Looks like we’re hooked up correctly.