Csi kamera pins doesnt allow some gpio pins

Hi everyone,
i am using jetson orin nano with Seeed Studio J401 reComputer Carrier and csi camera imx477.
i am use to be gpio pins (jetsons 40 pins on board) pin number 3,5,8 (output pins), then i set pin number 7 is input pin. ( in 40pins on jetson board. ).
gpio pin number 7 pin doesnt work correctly (in jetson gpio pins), others output pins are working. number 7 is input pin it get have a signal from sensor.

if i try camera connect with usb no problem camera is working and all gpio pins is working.
but if i try use camera with csi cable
i have a questions :
1-Does the csi camera pins have a connection to jetson’s pins?
2-while work, csi cable camera delaying 2 second get a photo. why?
3-i want use csi cable camera and i want use some jetson gpio pins for input and output. is it problem jetson nano pins 3,5,7,8 for csi camera?
Thank you and Regards


Sorry, don’t understand your problem clear.


i edited my message
thank you

Suppose you need to check the HW schematic would get more detail information.


Thnk u, bt it ws nt a sffcnt explntn.

i hope you understand.

  1. If depen on your CSI camera HW design.
  2. It could be sensor initialize take much times, you need to profiling it.
  3. The 3,5,8 of the J41 doesn’t looks like able configure as GPIO pin.

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