Does gpio pin of Jetson nano has any impact on CSI camera

I am using Jetson nano 4 GB.I connect a button on its gpio pin number 40.Then I wrote a button press program .It works smoothly.But when I connect a CSI camera and tried to record video using gstreamer,it gives an error like failed to capture.Then I checked whether the camera is detecting or not.I found that it is detecting.So I remove my button and check video recording once again after sometime.At that time I was able to record video.So I have a doubt about it.Is this Gpio pin has any impact on CSI camera.I am new to Jetson nano

hello aiswarya.r,

it shouldn’t;
may I know which CSI camera module you’re working with and which GPIO pin you’re used,

I am using IMX219 camera module and the GPIO pin which I am using is pin number 40

hello aiswarya.r,

here’re two GPIO pin used by IMX219,
please access L4T sources for release package,
for example,