CSI camera not found on jetson nano

Raspberry PI 5MP Camera Board Module Not supporting on jetson nano

Although it is working on my raspberry pi.
Will this camera support on jetson nano.

hello gaurav29,

that camera module is ov5647 from Omnivision, we don’t support this driver by default.
FYI, Jetson Nano by default support with Raspberry pi v2, IMX219 and Raspberry pi v3, IMX477.

Will this USB type webcam work in Jetson Nano?

HP w100 480P 30 FPS Digital Webcam


hello gaurav29,

USB type webcams were plug-n-play, you may use v4l interface to access the stream.
please see-also Applications Using GStreamer with V4L2 Source Plugin for sample pipelines, thanks

Actually I have to use in Python based Open CV task , grab the frame and do some task on it.
cv2.VideoCapture() # from opencv python

and imutils.video.VideoStream # from imutils library

please see-also https://www.e-consystems.com/blog/camera/technology/how-to-access-cameras-using-opencv-with-python/

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