Jetson Nano no available cameras

Hi There

I can successfully connect a Raspberry Pi Camera Module 2 (IMX219) to my jetson. However, I’m not able to connect one of the following cameras:

  • Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 (IMX708)
  • Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera (IMX477)

If I enter ll /dev/video* no camera is shown and also the command nvgstcapture-1.0 shows “no camera available”.

What I did so far:

  • Installed nvidia jetpack
  • switched cameras
  • updated the system and rebooted a few times ;-)
  • Raspberry Pi Camera Module 2 (IMX219) is working fine

Do I need any additional drivers?

Thank you in advance

Hello @leon.luethi
At least for the imx477 here are the drivers and instructrions on how to install them, since for the imx477 as far as I know the drivers don’t come out of the box on JP. Just make sure to checkout the banch that goes according to your JP version and use the folder for the Nano.

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hello leon.luethi,

if you look into kernel init logs, you may seeing there’s camera device registration failure and it’s looking for IMX219 camera devices.
that’s due to Nano series by default to detect IMX219, you should using Jetson-IO utility to configure CSI connections, there’s options for IMX477.
however, IMX708 it’s not supported by default Jetpack release image, you may develop the driver and device tree by your own.

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