RSP V2.1 camera "No cameras available"

Hi. I’m trying to connect RSP v2.1 camera with Jetson nano.
It connected well but Jetson nano cannot detect the camera.
It shows error

execute:557 No cameras available.

Does Jetson need to install additional drivers for V2.1 camera?

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@flashsquirrel ,

  1. it’s your first time RPi camera-Jetson Nano?
  2. make sure FFC direction is correct and physical damage

I used RSP HQ camera with Jetson nano.
But connecting V2.1 is first for me.

I saw Jetson nano initially contains drivers for IMX219.
But RSP V2.1 contains IMX219PQ.
That’s why I cannot open the camera?
Does it differ from IMX219?

I also use the V2.1 modules for my Jetson nano A02/B01.
Pretty good!

If your camera does not have any physical troubles, check the FFC direction once more.
The silver side on the cable should be on the inside.

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hello flashsquirrel,

you may have camera device connected before power-on,
please also looking for your kernel initial messages, it should report messages to indicate camera device has probed.
for example,

[    1.748776] vi vi_probe: ++
[    1.751409] vi initialized
[    1.753403] vi subdev nvcsi--1 bound
[    1.753416] vi subdev imx219 6-0010 bound

you should also examine whether you’re having video node register as video devices.
for example, $ ls /dev/video*

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Hello. @JerryChang and @MtHiker

I solved this problem. Maybe the thing was the driver.
I installed divers for IMX477 for HQ camera and it may crash with previous one.
After I reinstall the Jetpack, it works well.

Thank you for helping me.