Unable to use raspberry pi camera HQ IMX477

I have installed latest jetpak 4.6 on jetson nano dev kit.
then I configured csi port for IMX477 using jetson-io.py script.
and reboot the system
still it showing error camera device not found.

please help me to resolve this.

What’s the dmesg | grep -i imx477 show? And v4l2-ctl --list-devices

It could be your cable or HW have problem cause I2C communication failed to create video node for camera stack.

that camera is working fine with raspberry pi 4
so I think there is no problem with camera or cable.

imx 219 camera is working with jetson nano , so there is no problem with jetson hardware too.

Have a check this link. “The Raspberry Pi HQ camera module requires a hardware modification in order to work with Jetson Platforms.”

Hello, have you tried running your camera with a python script using opencv?

Have a reference to this link for opencv usage.


my problem is resolved with this solution