Jetson Nano HDMI interface

I,m using Jetson Nano SOM B0 module, Can i know how to get access of these pin for HDMI interface: VDD_1V8, VDD_3V3_HDMI, VDD_3V3_SYS, VDD_5V0_HDMI_CON.
Reference schematic, page 45:厂商资料/英伟达/英伟达硬件/Jetson%20Nano-Z/Jetson%20Nano-Z%20Product%20Design%20Guide%20DG-09502-001v2.1.pdf
I’m using only Jetson nano module without carrier board and designing the HDMI interface manually with other PCB.

Please follow the nano Design Guide to make custom design.

In addition, you can find all docs needed for design in DLC.