HDMI to CSI converter?

Has someone successfully connected a HDMI camera to the CSI port of the Jetson Nano?
Please post no links.
It would be very nice if you have a photo of your setup an a few tips.
At the moment I’m using HDMI to USB-3 converter, but they are lage and heavy, see images.
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Below are the tc358840 for TX2 but no for Nano. Maybe you can consult with partner if they have similar design for Nano.

Hi @WiSi-Testpilot,

You would need a driver to use an HDMI to CSI converter. Here at RidgeRun we have worked withe the TC358840 for Jetson TX2, TX1 and also for Jetson Nano as you are requesting. Currently I have no pictures available. We are an Nvidia parther and can help with your project if needed.

You can get more information about the TC358840 at our wiki page: Toshiba TC358840XBG | Toshiba Linux Driver for Jetson TX1

If you need further information, you can write an email to support@ridgerun.com


Here is an image of the Auvidea B101 (B101 HDMI to CSI-2 Bridge (15 pin FPC) – Auvidea) connected to a Raspberry Pi, but it is basically the same setup for the Nano or other Nvidia Jetson boards.



Hello Fabian and ShaneCCC,
thank you for your answers. I will look at everything in detail.
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