Connecting Camera HDMI to Jetson Nano

Hello, i wanted to know if its possible to get video feed from my camera HDMI output to the jetson nano using the HDMI to CSI interface, and if its possible what steps should i follow to get this to work.

You would need to have HDMI to CSI bridge. Please check the related topics for reference:
HDMI to CSI Interface
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Thank you i checked some of them but noticed that i will need to install drivers and maybe its not straight forward as i thought,
I also wanted to ask if a Hdmi to USB converter can work with the jetson nano? Or is there certain steps i also need to check out.
Or also a ethernet to usb.

We don’t see the use-case using HDMI to USB converter. Would suggest use HDMI to CSI bridge. By default the driver is not enabled. You may refer to the posts and pick one bridge to develop your use-case.

Thanks i will check it out.

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