Taking an HDMI input with a Jetson Nano

Hi everyone,

I would like to present you with a problem : I currently am trying to have my Jetson Nano run real-time computer vision algorithms on a drone. However, my camera only outputs HDMI, and, if I understood well, a Nano can only take USB or CSI inputs. There are already a number of threads stating that there is no way to use a HDMI->CSI adaptater on a nano due to a lack of drivers. There was a single thread talking about HDMI->USB adaptater using Elgato’s Camlink (it can take 4K 30fps, which is what I am looking for), so I am considering using this solution.

I would like to know whether someone tested this, and if a specific capture card was satisfactory ? (Elgato’s track record not being exactly sparkling clean)
If you have another solution that works, I am open to all sensible suggestions

Thanks for your time !

Have a check below link.



Thank you for your answer, however I don’t plan on spending 25nanos worth of money to make this setup work. Would you happen to have anything less expensive in stock ?

Sorry, don’t have any others now.