Module HDMI-IN 4K

can you recommend an hdmi-in card (for video 4k 30fps) to install on Jetson nano?

I see this: but is only 1080p.

Thank all.

Hi m.lamonaca,

You could also check the Toshiba TC358840.


Thanks for your reply kayccc,

I found these products:

Are they all compatible for Jetson Nano?

Hi m.lamonaca,

From spec, they’re OK, but please be sure to confirm their driver are ready to support current R32.1 BSP for Nano.


The Nano has a 15-pin MIPI CSI-2 input connector, doesn’t it? As opposed to the 22-pin ones which have more lanes / bandwidth.

One of those HDMI to MIPI CSI-2 adapters is 15-pin, and the other is 22-pin (I believe it’s necessary for 1080p 60), so I’d be curious if anyone got the higher performing one with more lanes working on the Nano, and how. I guess via a docking board for the nano with more camera inputs.