Use third-party HDMI video output as a camera for Jetson.

I would like to train Jetson on the pilot, 3D recognition and much else, so again the question of using a third-party HDMI output as a camera for Jetson is raised.
Is there such a thing that you can take advantage of it without harm to the minicomputer?

Others apparently can

However, the price of the finished product costs like four Jetson Nano :(

Though is not present here

Although no - it is the site of our scammers, on aliexpress it is much more expensive.

Tell me, do I understand the direction of the signal? Needs from HDMI to CSI-2.

It says “HDMI IN” in the upper left corner, next to the HDMI socket, so this is a HDMI-to-CSI bridge as advertised.

I need to send an incoming signal from HDMI to CSI-2…
Or did I get something wrong?
Now I am considering this module

I 'm looking for an HDMI input rather than an HDMI output,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

Then the device on the picture from your posting #2 is exactly what you want: a HDMI-to-CSI-Bridge.

But based on this logic, I bought as I think best in quality. It 's the same thing, it says HDMI input to CSI
I didn 't change the functionality?