HDMI input for Jetson AGX Xavier Kit

Dear Nvidia Team,

We need HDMI input to feed input video/images from host PC.
We have procured Geekworm HDMI to CSI-2 converter module as shown in below link:

However, the HDMI-CSI converter module (CSI cable) do not seem to compatible to connect directly to Jetson AGX CSI connector.
Could you let us know if there are some adaptor boards available in market using which we can connect HDMI to CSI converter board directly to Jetson AGX CSI connector.

We could find that there are Cameras with facility to connect camera module directly to Jetson AGX CSI connector (using special adaptor board provided by camera manufacturers).
But we need standalone adaptor board without Camera.

Please let us know your feedback.

Best Regards

Consult with vendor should be able get much detail information.

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