Interfacing Arducam with Xavier using CSI-to-HDMI extension

I need long camera cables for the Xavier and can’t afford costly cameras like FPD III, GMSL or GigE Cameras. Using a SerDes is seems too complicated as I am not comfortable soldering the ICs myself.

So, I resorted to the extending the CSI2 cameras as

CSI2 Camers -->(using CSI cable)–> HDMI to CSI-2 Bridge Module -->(using HDMI cable) --> HDMI port on Xavier.

Has anyone used such a thing on the Xavier ? Can there be any incompatibility issue ?

People do use such extensions with Raspberry Pi like the one shown here.

hello pradan,

here’s reference HDMI2CSI driver,
please also check below kernel sources and device tree for reference,


Hey @JerryChang
thanks for the reply. What is the hardware adapter you refer to ? I can’t find any supported CSI-to-HDMI converters for Xavier.

hello pradan,

you may check tc358840.c kernel sources,
there’s info about Toshiba UH2C/D HDMI-CSI bridge driver.