Does Xavier NX support for HDMI to CSI-2 bridges based on TC358743XBG?

There is some of this, auvidia and some local chinese brands. Any info about if they works would be appreciated.

hello fpsychosis,

please contact with Jetson Preferred Partners for the confirmation of camera solutions.

I don’t understand your answer, why I would ask to any Video Partner for the support of a HDMI to CSI-2 adapter when:
1 Many brands are not partners of nvidia
2 Is nVidia who make the kernel and decide the drivers included. by your answer,should I ask to any nvidia partners if is supported a RPI camera or a Intel Realsense?
3. That adapters works on TX1 the normal is that nvidia can tell me, if it works on NX, at least about official support.
4 what partner I ask? Do I call or email every company of the list?
5 If I ask if Zed2 works on NX would you give me the same answer?

hello fpsychosis,

we had a Toshiba HDMI to CSI-2 bridge reference driver, which based on the tc358840.
you may download L4T sources and check its kernel sources and device tree as below for reference,
for example,

there’re partners that provide camera solutions,
you may also check Jetson Partner Supported Cameras for the lists of cameras supported by Jetson Camera Partners on the Jetson platform.

you may found there’s Announcing ZED SDK for Jetson Nano.

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