Auvidea V20 HD-SDI to CSI-2 bridge

The Auvidea V20 HD-SDI to CSI-2 bridge is a raspberry pi camera V1.3 emulator. I understand that the NX is only compatible with Raspberry Pi camera V2. Has anyone had success with an adapter that will work with this board or a alternative solution to get HD-SDI input for the NX?


I am trying to use the CSI input ports on the NX and have successfully attached a raspberry pi camera V2 to the NX. The main issue is the HD-SDI to CSI-2 conversion.

hello LMyers,

you may consider it as another new CSI sensor, you could also check Camera Design Guide for the details of camera interface, since Auvidea creates carrier boards and camera modules for Jetson platforms, you may also contact with them for the compatibility.

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I am unsure how to consider HD-SDI to CSI-2 bridge as a new CSI sensor. Is this something I can configure in the Nvidia software or is this a hardware inplementation?

hello LMyers,

may I know had you contact with Jetson Preferred Partners for the compatibility?

Yes. They referred me to the NVIDIA forums sense the OV5647 sensor on the bridge being used is not supported by the Xavier NX yet.


hello LMyers,

you may access L4T sources package via download center,
you should find all nvidia provided reference camera sensor drivers were located at…

you may also refer to tc358840.c since it is a bridge device.
it usually has test-pattern-generator to output test frame without input device. this could also helps for verification the connection results.