JNX30D (Carrier Board) Jetson Xavier NX Connection with IMX477 Camera (Raspberry Pi Camera HQ)

I have got a Jetson Xavier NX module attached to JNX30D Carrier board, I set up the Jetpack 4.6.3 with Nvidia SDK Manager with the ubuntu 18.04 host computer. It is working fine with other things. Now I am trying to attach Raspberry Pi Camera HQ with IMX477 sensor. My camera is using CSI15 pin port and the JNX30D carrier board has CSI 22 pin port. I bought a suitable cable for it that converts 15 to 22 pins but still couldn’t use my camera. Last year I was using the Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit now the Python codes that were working with the previous version (Dev Kit) don’t work with the new board (JNX30D).

Does anyone with any solution please?
Thanks in advance.

hello masood.sahak777,

is it Jetson-IO utility when you mentioned python codes? Jetson-IO it only works with developer kits.

however, on your setup by using 15-22 pin converter, can linux kernel still recognize camera devices during kernel init? please sharing kernel logs for reference, i.e. $ dmesg > klogs.txt

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