Running 32 bit Ubuntu on Jetson Xavier NX

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to use the Raspberry Pi HQ camera with the Jetson Xavier NX, and the libraries necessary to operate it are 32-bit, so I’m trying to boot the Jetson with an Ubuntu 32-bit (i386) desktop image from here.. (I’ve already tried to run the libraries using the Jetson Developer Kit SD image, and that didn’t work). However, when I write the i386 image to a microSD card and try to boot it up, I’m not getting anything at all showing on my screen. Is what I am trying to do possible?

Thanks so much!

Hi @egorevoy, Jetson is aarch64 architecture, so an i386 (x86) image won’t work. Further, you would want to use the L4T kernel to get Jetson hw support. Please use this image for NX:

If you are referring to libraries from Raspberry Pi that are 32-bit, those wouldn’t work with the camera on Jetson anyways, because the MIPI CSI camera drivers are different.

For Raspberry Pi HQ camera driver (IMX477) for Jetson Xavier NX, please see here:

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Thank you!