IMX477 doesn't work

Trying to use the IMX477 (Pi HQ-but-not-really-HQ cam) with the Xavier NX.
Jetpack 4.5.
Followed these instructions.

Xavier NX is now stuck on the NVIDIA logo, heat sink heats up, fan doesn’t come on.
Removing the FDT line in extlinux.conf and it can boot, it can modprobe imx477, but no /dev/video device.
Any thoughts? Can’t believe this is 2021 and it’s so hard to get a camera working. -__- Why isn’t plug-and-play-for-CSI a top priority for the product roadmap?

Looks like the link is for r32.4.3, Could you check with J4.4.1

Looks like need HW rework for Nano

I did the hardware rework (removing R8).

I’m using their 4.5 version here:

Could you check the kernel message when modprobe imx477

hello wuxiekeji,

as you can see from the download center, RPi IMX477 Support Nano 2GB.
you’ll need to apply the binary updates to make Raspberry-Pi High Def camera (IMX477) works, and this package it only works with Nano 2GB Developer Kit currently.

there is a Arducam camera IMX477 which does not require rework and it should works with Xavier NX.
please refer to

Hi. Also I tried to connect rpi hq cam to xavier nx.I got it with drivers on ridgerun.Now i can see camera display on screen but camera doesn’t show objects which are on far.It shows objects as blurred .Can you help me?

Hi serdar.asarkaya,

Please help to open a new topic for your issue.


blurred display, then did you connect “Integrated back-focus adjustment ring” between lens and camera body?


After this ring, if you get yellow filtered display, you need to patch Ridgerun’s “camera_overrides.isp”, that is camera calibration patch.

Ok. I got it by detach adapter between lenses and ring .Thank you very much