Getting started with a camera

I am starting with a NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Development kit. I have downloaded and burned the microSD card using the SD Card image for the Xavier NX Developer Kit on the page:

The Jetson appears to boot successfully to the Ubuntu Desktop. It is at this point I’m having trouble figuring out what I should be doing next. My goal is to attach a camera (IMX219) to a CSI port and capture images, but I haven’t been able to get that to work.

I’ve attached an IMX219-77IR camera to the CAM0 CSI port, then ran guvcview from a terminal command line. It lists several pages of errors and eventually displays “Guvcview error could not start a video stream in the device; you seem to have a video devices installed. Do you want to try one?” It shows Device: vi-output,imx219 10-0010. Selecting it gives me a Guvcview window and I’ve even been able to write .mkv files to my folder, but the videos just show a black image.

So it sees the hardware but cannot communicate with it. I suspect I need to install a driver, but when I search for how to do this I keep coming across instructions for flashing the Jetpack software, but I don’t think I need to do that because I installed the latest microSD card image that should already include it, right?

Could someone point me to the instructions for how to set up and use a camera on the Jetson Xavier?


For anyone interested, I found some wonderful tutorials by Paul McWhorter for both the Nano and the Xavier. The Nano series is good for anyone just starting out on Linux.

Xavier NX:
Tutorial start:

I also had a hardware issue at the same time that was preventing me from getting a RPi camera from working; I fixed the connection problem by blowing compresses air into the camera connector on the development board and then the camera connected fine.