Camera suggestions for newbie

Although a C++ guy for decades, and I wire-wrapped boards back in the day, I’m a newbie to OpenCV, and got an Xavier NX so I have both Cuda and Tensor cores to play with. The objective is to learn OpenCV. I think I just need a plain-vanilla camera to work through OpenCV video examples. Will cameras advertised for the Nano work on the NX? What would you suggest? Many thanks, O wise ones!

Probably the RPi cam v2 with IMX219 is your best choice for Nano (cheapest and works out of the box).
There is also in progress support for RPi HQ cam.

Otherwise, you may have a look to Jetson partners:

And this will work with the NX as well? Will any camera that works on Nano also work on NX? Thankx!

It would work, but you won’t get perfect colors… Such CSI cameras with Bayer sensors go through ISP for debayering and this use a special config file that is dependant on Jetson model, so the one provided for Nano won’t work fine on NX…These config file are produced by a proprietary tool that is not public, so you can’t adjust by yourself. In my case the image is a bit pink with NX, but for learning opencv it should be ok.

If you buy a camera from Jeston partners, check for the availability of driver and of that configs optimized for both Nano and NX.