Using cameras meant for Nano

Hi there,
I want to use the e-con Systems camera (designed for Nano) on the NX Dev Kit version.
Is there any chance it will work? Or do I have to wait for the camera manufacturers to come with a version specifically for NX?
(The Camera Design Guide compares the CSI pins on NX/Nano Developer Kits, and there is a difference in naming of two of them. Is it the only difference? If so, how to overcome it?)

You shouldn’t have any issues unless e-con did something very specific for the Nano and from the description, they didn’t. I’m using a “RPi” camera on both NX and Nano.

Answer from NVIDIA at today webinar on Xavier NX:
“We have worked on RPI-V2 camera and Leopard imaging CSI cameras. Those work out of the box.”

Our e-CAM50_CUNANO supports Xavier NX, we will be able to share the release package with you. We will be officially announcing it soon… Contact our camera solution team, for more information…