Xavier NX camera which one to use

Hi, I am looking for a low cost (<$50), 160-200 degree camera module for my Xavier NX dev kit. There are some camera on Amazon, for example https://www.amazon.com/NGW-1pc-IMX219-160-8MP-Camera-160°/dp/B08F7K3QBJ/ref=sr_1_18?dchild=1&keywords=xavier+nx+camera&qid=1615490132&sr=8-18. However, in the review someone said it works only with Jetson Nano, it does not work with the Jetosn Xavier NX. Is that true? Could anyone recommend a Xavier NX camera meeting my requirement?

hello AutoCar,

you may access download center for the L4T sources package.
please check Jetson Xavier NX’s reference device tree, you’ll see that’s supported with, Raspberry Pi v2, IMX219.
for example,

for the camera solutions,
please also contact with Jetson Camera Partners for the supported cameras on the Jetson platforms.

You can use the IMX219 camera on your Jetson Xavier NX developer kit definately.

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