High resolution cameras for Jetson Xavier NX dev kit

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I’m looking for high resolution cameras compatible with my Jetson Xavier NX dev kit (more than 12MP), anyone know a good MIPI camera ?
I’ve been looking at the Jetson Partner Supported Cameras list (https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/jetson-partner-supported-cameras) but impossible to know where to buy it, and when I go to the websites of the manufacturers, the Xavier NX dev kit is not mentioned…

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hello Pelepicier,

I’m able to find several 4K sensor modules support NX platforms from couple of partners. you might fill-in “Supported Jetson Products=NX” for checking.
Besides checking manufacturers websites, you may initial mail thread for asking the latest support camera modules.


e-con Systems, the NVIDIA preferred partner has 5MP MIPI camera for NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX.

Please refer: https://www.e-consystems.com/nvidia-cameras/jetson-nx-cameras/5mp-mipi-camera-board.asp

We use XIMEA PCIe cameras with great success. You cannot choose an interface that has more bandwith and less latency then PCIe. PCIe is the most direct way into the Xavier’s memory. PCIe Gen 2 with 4 lanes gives you an 20 MBit/s highway. These cameras connect via the M.2 Type M slot to the devkit.

Ximea does provide special drivers for Jetson for their cameras.

Link: https://www.ximea.com/en/products/xilab-application-specific-custom-oem/Embedded-vision-cameras-xiX

Hi Pelepicier

Not sure if you are still looking for 12MP module…check out FRAMOS website: https://www.framos.com/en/nvidia

We have several options that may meet your needs.

Thank you for your multiple reply.

@Dharmalingam.K do you have cameras with min 13MP? 5MP isn’t enough for what I need.

@fchk thank you I will look at your link, do you access the camera the same way than with a MIPI cam (CV videocapture for ex)?

@p.mehta I sent an email to your colleague, waiting for the price of the FSM-IMX283C-000-V2A.

Yes, We have 13MP camera. Kindly write to “dharmalingam.k@e-consystems.com” with your requirements in detail.

Ximea have their own API, Libraries and Kernel drivers. Everything is well documented.
The big advantage is the large sensor size of their cameras, comparable to APS-C or full format DSLR. This has a huge impact on the image quality especially with low light situations. You get the sensors with Bayer RGGB, b/w (IR-filtered) and NIR-enhanced (no filter).

Most MIPI sensors are rather small in pixel size and in overall sensor size.

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Hello Pelepicier,

Hope you got the information you were looking for. Do you have any additional questions?