Camera Interface


We are working on new camera project based on Jetson Xavier NX.
We are planning to use a 4K camera module at CSI4 port through MIPI CSI 4 lane interface. Will it work proprely? what else design considerations we need to follow for that?


What sensors are you considering? FRAMOS is an NVIDIA camera partner and offer IMX334, IMX412 and IMX577 modules with Xavier NX support:

IMX334 module:

I am considering AR1335 (ON Semiconductor) 13 MP image sensor.

@swadesh.prakash, here is more information about FRAMOS AR1335 module:

Hope it helps.

Hi @swadesh.prakash,

I don’t see issues with CSI 4-lane camera capture on the Jetson Xavier NX. The CSI camera interface module supports 12 lanes MIPI CSI-2, this is the same supported by the Jetson TX2.

We have already tested the MIPI CSI 4-lane capture on Jetson TX2 using the AR1335 sensor and verified 4k resolution, you can find the reference here:
ON Semiconductor AR1335 Linux driver


Hi @EnriqueR
How can i get the patch 4.2.2_ar1335.patch?

Hi @king.liu

Please contact for more information about it.

Thanks for your interest