4 lane camera module compatible for NVDIA platform

Hello ,

I am looking for a X4 CSI camera module which has driver compatability with our Nvidia (NX and Nano platform.

I came across with these , but not sure if these are compatible (driver) with our nvidia

  1. https://www.shiratech-solutions.com/products/cam1/?updated=true (https://www.shiratech-solutions.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/96B-MEZ-CAM1-03-09-2020.pdf )
  2. On Camera Mezzanine - 96Boards (on-camera-quick-start.pdf (96boards.org) )

Please suggest some X4 CSI lane camera module along with its driver location in our source code.

NX camera connect only support 2 lanes.

Okay sir ,

Is their any other way to connect and test X4 lane camera module.

I mean , if we use any High Speed Mezzanine…

Hello @ShaneCCC @kayccc

I have reffered these documents ,

And even here also , its mentioned that we can have x4 lane camera

Please have a look into these reference doc, and let me know . if we can use X4 lane camera module . if yes then please suggest me some X4 CSI lane camera module along with its driver location in our source code

4 lanes support need customized carrier board devkit connector only support 2 lanes otherwise you need HW reworked for 4 lanes support. Also please consult with camera partner for 4 lanes cameras.


We are designing a custom carrier board and have already made the relavant hardware changes required for X4 CSI lanes camera module and even using High Speed Mezzanine for same.

Does our current tegra source code has any driver for x4 lane camera module. Or we have to look for that with particular camera vendors.

Current don’t have 4 lanes reference cameras for NX platform. Please check with vendors.


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