Camera module with NX SoM (Driver comtability) for HS connector and 15 pin camera connector functional testing

Hello ,

And i have flashed linux kernel version 4.9 (L4T 32.4.4) Ubuntu 18.04 , in my Jetson NX SOM module carrier board.

I am looking for a Camera module with NX SoM (Driver comtability) for High Speed Mezzanine connector and 15 pin 2x lane camera connector functional testing.

Please suggest camera with driver compatability with NX SoM.

Check PI V2 imx219

Hello @ShaneCCC @kayccc Sir,

Sir, I could not find the datasheet (pinout) of this camera model number.

  1. Please confirm , are you refering to this camera (as there is confuion, with other)

  2. Actually we are looking for two camera module
    => One 4X lane for High Speed Mezzanine connector and
    => Other is any Raspberry camera of 2X lane for **15 pin camera connector **.

  3. Please provide the driver location in our tegra source code.

Sorry, looks we don’t have High Speed Mezzanine connector design for camera.

Hello ,

Actualy we have these interfaces in High Speed Mezzanine connector
CSI1 [D0-D1] & CSI1_CLK ,
CSI0 [D0-D3] & CSI0_CLK ,
I2C2 ,
I2C3 ,

and in order to test it we are looking for camera module with NX SoM (Driver compatability).

please suggest any camera module

You may need design your own camera module for it. Or consult with camera partner if have this kind of design.

Hello @ShaneCCC @kayccc Sir ,

I am using a custom carrier board , where i am using High speed Mazanine connector Part No.# TE Connectivity: 5177983-2 , which has multiple input and output.

Signals allocation on High speed expansion connector (HS) will be done as per 96boards CE specifications .

Please suggest a 4x lane Camera Module so that we can test it CSI and I2C interface with driver compatability with NX SoM.

Hi, what we can provide are included in product design guide. You can refer to that for CSI camera interface design. We have no suggestion for external device design.

Hello @Trumany

Sir , I have designed a custom carrier board and looking for a X4 lane csi camera module along with its driver compatability in Nvidia source code.

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